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Welcome to Ozone For Health

Ozone For Health

  • Ozone is the most powerful form of oxygen
  • We cannot live without oxygen
  • Oxygen supplies energy
  • Healthy human cells love oxygen
  • Bacteria, viruses, fungi, and pathogenic microbes live best with no oxygen
  • Oxygenate tissues and these pathogens cannot live
  • Healthy cells remain healthy, and total body wellness returns

Is the use of medical ozone growing?

The use of ozone is growing steadily. But given that ozone is so effective with no side effects, and there are hundreds of studies proving it, why isn’t every doctor using it? Turning the question around helps clarify the problem. Just exactly what would happen if a cure were discovered that was completely effective again the vast majority of diseases, that no patent could be placed on it, and that was ridiculously cheap and plentiful? Would the current medical establishment welcome a breakthrough that could render 98% of all drugs, test and disease related surgery obsolete? What would be the response of the drug companies, hospital chain owners, health insurance industry, AMA, and the FDA? No one can get rich using ozone therapy. It is too simple, too safe, too inexpensive, and too effective.